High-performance computing facilities

The Center is equipped with modern high-performance computer systems.

Workstations, each equipped with two CPU Intel Xeon 5660, a high-performance graphics card Nvidia Tesla C2050 and 12 GB of RAM, are actively used. The total theoretical performance of each workstation is about 1.2 Tflops for single-precision and 0.6 Tflops for double precision. 

The Center has a high-performance heterogeneous cluster which is used for very intensive computations. It consists of four computational nodes:

  • 2 nodes: 2x CPU Intel Xeon X5660, 4x GPU Nvidia Tesla C2075, 48 GB RAM
  • 2 nodes: 2x CPU Intel Xeon E5-2650, 4x GPU Nvidia Tesla K20c, 32 GB RAM

The overall theoretical performance of the cluster is about 16 Tflops for single precision floating-point numbers and 8 Tflops for double precision.