The fabrication of the microfluidic devices (Lab-On-Chip)

Sergey Sametov, Almir Mullayanov


The fabrication of microfluidic devices using soft lithography method


The main equipment for the manufacture of microfluidic devices by soft lithography method (from left to right): plasma cleaning system, lab hot plate, ultrasonic bath, spin-coater, photolithography device



Microfluidic device: a schematic representation (on the left) and a side view (on the right)

Microfluidic devices (Lab-on-Chip) are miniature devices designed for studies of a variety of chemical and physical processes using small volumes of liquids and gases. Microfluidic devices are widely used in various fields of science and engineering – in medicine, chemistry, biology, biomedical engineering, material science and, of course, physics. In our Center microfluidic devices are used to study peculiarities of flow of dispersed media (e.g. emulsions and polymer solutions) in microchannels of different geometries. The Center has modern equipment, which is necessary for production of miniature devices using soft lithography method. The process of manufacturing microfluidic devices is a rather complex multistage process. To study the details of this procedure the staff of the Center passed scientific training under the guidance of Professor Claus-Dieter Ohl in the laboratory of experimental hydrodynamics of Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).