Bubbly liquids in an acoustic field

Sergey Sametov, Claus-Dieter Ohl, Maxim Khazimullin


Study of bubble self-organization in an acoustic field

The experimental cell for bubble dynamics study
Structure of the acoustic wave propagation (209.2 kHz) in the bubbly liquid

An experimental setup for detailed study of bubble cluster dynamics under the influence of an ultrasound field was designed and fabricated. Utilization of a long-focus microscope and a high-speed camera allowed us to discover waves of void fraction propagating from the piezoelectric transducer generating the ultrasound field. It was found that while the main propagation front of bubbles moves up, some individual bubbles move down to the node points, involve the neighbor bubbles to the motion, and form clusters, which then join the main front. Study of this and other effects of self-organization is important not only from the theoretical, but also from the practical point of view, as these effects can be used for phase separation, liquid cleaning, and other applications.